32oz Chai

Chai concentrate | 3 flavors | Makes 10 cups

Flavor : The Magician: Honey Chai
Choose No. of Bottles : 1

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Combining the world’s best tea and spices, our Chai Concentrates achieve a perfect balance of lightly sweet and perfectly spiced. As a 1:1 concentrate, customize and make up to 8 big 8oz glasses of classic chai however you like - straight up or as a latte. Try all three flavors! Honey Chai, Dirty Spice Chai, Chamomile Spice Chai 

What you get:

  • 32oz bottle of Explorer Chai Concentrate
  • Makes gourmet chai drinks, on-the-go or at home
  • Shelf life of 9 months from production

Chai Flavors (caffeine/serving):

  • The Magician: Honey Chai (45mg): cold brewed organic lyerpadi black tea (water and tea), organic honey, organic spices, and organic lemon juice
  • The Alchemist: Dirty Spice Chai (90mg): cold brewed  lyerpadi black tea and organic Ethiopian coffee (water, tea, and coffee), organic honey, organic spices, and organic lemon juice
  • The Idealist: Chamomile Spice Chai (0mg):  cold brewed organic chamomile (water and chamomile), organic honey, organic spices, and organic lemon juice

Why you should try it:

  • 100% organic & fair-trade tea and spices
  • Craft-brewed in small batches for a sublime flavor profile
  • Control your caffeine from 0 - 90mg per serving (2oz)

How to use: (makes one 8oz cup)

  • Pour 4oz of Explorer Classic Chai into a glass
  • Add 4oz of cold or hot milk 
  • Stir and enjoy!

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Ethically Sourced. Sustainability Minded.

Fair Trade & Sustainable

Our super concentrated brew results in higher yield per bean - reducing overall consumption and maximizing our environmental efficiency.

100% Organic

We only use organic and fair-trade coffee - because that's what's best for you, for the environment, and for our farmers.

We Give Back

A percentage of every sale goes to charity: water - the world's leading clean water organization - to bring clean water to those most in need of it.

Founded with the belief that exceptional coffee and chai is the most reliable way to elevate your day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cristy Tano

Fabulous 👌 👏 loved it

Claire Morgan
Nothing like any chai I’ve ever tasted

I was disappointed in the flavor. It smelled more like pine cleaner and lacked any resemblance to chai. I ordered this as a gift for my son and was embarrassed by how bad it tasted. I won’t be reordering. It’s a shame, because the branding and packaging was a 10/10.

Caitlin Sawyer
Weird flavor

I am a sucker for dirty chai but was not expecting how sweet this recipe would be. It mostly tasted of honey with watered down chai after notes. Couldn't get past the first 2 sips.

Jennifer Wysocki

Hey Jennifer
This is all so wonderful! Thank you so much!.

On Mon, Nov 27, 2023, at 03:53 PM, Explorer Cold Brew wrote:

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Message: Hi, I'm new to this company but I wanted to write a review. I give this company 5 🌟's the products are of the highest quality. The ingredients are Organic and of the highest quality !! I have only tried the Chai but I really want to try their extra caffeine cold brew. I buy bottles of Cold Brew Concentrate and I know for a fact the quality doesn't even come close to this company. The packaging is again of the finest quality Also and this is a big one. They appreciate their customers and they says ALOT. They sent a very nice email on Thanksgiving, it was so thoughtful, they also had a black friday discount. I am a subscriber of a Oatmeal Company I spend $99 a month on their products. They not only didn't do a black friday special but they couldn't even send a email of appreciation and that spoke volumes. I pushed my sub back with them until May just because of the customer experience. I can't thank Explorer enough for sending a thoughtful email filled with appreciation. Everyone if you like the highest quality ingredients and Organic and love coffee and Chai I recommend this company over any other. I didn't know where else I could submit a review but I would love to ! Can't wait to try the Coffee !! I like mine just over ice !!!

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Alex Marx
Best cold brew I've had!

Love how easy this is to make, and it didn't have that bitter taste from most coffees. I got the regular and the Chai, both are amazing! Try the Chai w/ oat milk for a latte, yum.