Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups
Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups
Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups
Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups
Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups
Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups
Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups

Starter Pack | 4 2oz Bottles | Makes 4-6 Cups

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Explorer is your coffee shop in a bottle. 

It’s your new favorite coffee for home or on the go. Sample Explorer today with a Starter Pack to try one of each caffeine level, or send it as a gift for a coffee-loving friend to try one of our dozens of recipes.

Each 2oz bottle makes 1-2 coffees - see which caffeine levels work best for your body and lifestyle before ordering a Big BottleWhether it’s a No Caf (0-2mg/oz), Low Caf (50mg/oz), Reg Caf (100mg/oz), or Extra Caf (150mg/oz), it’s a coffee that you can make for any occasion, anytime, customized just the way you want.

Crafted by 3 award-winning Tastemakers, Explorer’s 4 caffeine levels are all made from organic, fair-trade, and specialty-grade coffee. Delicious adventure fuel like you've never experienced before. What are you waiting for?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews

This is the best cold brew I've ever had.
I love the fact that you can choose what caffeine level you want. Also you can make any drink you like. I literally can't wait to get up in the morning and start my day with Explorer Cold Brew!! Like seriously the best hands down!!!

Hendrika V
Easy to use, smooth flavor

The coffee concentrate can be used in different recipes but the easiest way is to make a nice cold coffee brew. I used the Classic Black Cold Brew Concentrate with regular caffeine. Pour the concentrate into a cup with ice, then pour 6-8 ounces of milk or water. I used almond milk. Then you can add liquid creamer, sweetener or syrup if you want to, mix and add any desired toppings. It is so easy to make and this cold brew coffee is so delicious! Such a nice smooth flavor and no bitter aftertaste. I highly recommend these concentrates and I can't wait to try the other varieties!

Amazing little bottles of cold brews

These explorer cold brew are so nice. The little bottles that they come in a reusable so that is such a plus in the flavors are really nice I really like how you have an option from the none to high caffeine so if you need your pick me up you can get it but if you want something to taste good you don't need so much caffeine these are really fun and it came with a book that gave you fun drinks to make with them as well I highly recommend looking into this if you have not already this is a great coffee brand

The most delicious cold brew I've ever had!

I thoroughly enjoyed this cold brew. I loved the little package and bottles it came in. I also really liked the booklet that came with it with all the different ways to enjoy it! Now I've found my new way to drink cold brew. The taste is smooth and not bitter at all. What a great way to enjoy coffee. Thank you!

Sally Roark

Love the starter pack, great idea! I was able to not only try the coffee, but test out which caffeine level is best for me. The coffee is delicate and smooth, not like other cold brews that have a tang. I immediately signed up for a subscription. Highly recommend!