Swiss Water Decaf Cold Brew Concentrate | 12 2oz Bottle | Makes 16 Cups


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Say hello to a first-of-its-kind  Decaf Cold Brew! Crafted by 3 award-winning coffee Tastemakers, Explorer's No Caf cold brew concentrate is made from 100% organic, fair-trade, and specialty-grade coffee beans. 

The No Caf little bottle is 2oz of chemical-free Swiss Water Processed decaf (99.9% caffeine free). By using this natural decaffeination process, we sacrifice nothing on flavor. No bitterness at all - just a smooth and bold flavor.  As a 1:4 concentrate, this box makes 12-16 big 8oz glasses of decaf cold brew with all the flavor and no jitters.

Conveniently packaged in 2oz bottles, these are perfect for on-the-go: air travel, road trips, or at the office!

What you get:

  • 12 2oz bottle of Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate
  • Makes 12-16 gourmet coffees, on-the-go or at home
  • Shelf life of 9 months

Caffeine level (per oz):

  • No Caf: Swiss Water Decaf (0-2mg) 

How to use:

  • Pour 1-2oz of Explorer into a glass
  • Add 6-8oz of cold or hot water or milk 
  • Stir and enjoy!

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Ethically Sourced. Sustainability Minded.

Fair Trade & Sustainable

Our super concentrated brew results in higher yield per bean - reducing overall consumption and maximizing our environmental efficiency.

100% Organic

We only use organic and fair-trade coffee - because that's what's best for you, for the environment, and for our farmers.

We Give Back

A percentage of every sale goes to charity: water - the world's leading clean water organization - to bring clean water to those most in need of it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
L Gallagher

Great coffee, teeny cute serving size. There are so many bottles though, I felt quite wasteful, even with recycling.

Amy Fisch

I don't drink a lot of coffee but when I do, it has to be GOOD. This is just so GOOD! I enjoy it without caffeine.