Cold Brew Caramel Macchiato Recipe

Cold Brew Caramel Macchiato Recipe

Our cold brew caramel macchiato will elevate your classic coffee routine within minutes. It’s delicious, it’s easy, and you deserve to treat yourself!

Serving Size 

1 Serving 

Prep Time 

2 minutes 


  • 1 ounce Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate (any caffeine level)
  • 3-4 ounces steamed milk 
  • 1 tablespoon caramel syrup (+ extra for added caramel drizzle)


  • Add Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate to glass
  • In a separate vessel, steam milk for 1-2 minutes (or until desired foamy consistency)
  • Stir caramel syrup with steamed milk until combined 
  • Pour caramel milk foam mixture over cold brew concentrate
  • Optional: top with caramel drizzle
  • Sip and enjoy! 

Keep Exploring, 

The Explorer Team

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