The Beans

Our Classic Black Reg Caf coffee is a single-origin washed coffee from Ethiopia, which is known as the 'birthplace' of coffee. It's grown at high altitude, carefully hand-picked, and meticulously sorted to make sure it's only the highest quality beans. It's primarily grown in the Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions of Ethiopia, known for their high quality beans and balanced coffees. Our coffee beans are 100% organic & specialty-grade Arabica beans. All our coffee is in the top 3% of coffee beans produced worldwide - you're getting the best of the best.

Single Origin Spotlight

We work with several 'unions' (organized groups of farmers) in these regions, including the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, the Yirgacheffe CFCU, and the Oromia CFCU, that hand-pick our 'green' (unroasted) coffee. Importantly, our coffee is all fair trade and ethically sourced. This means that the partnership with our producers is equitable, that they get paid fair wages, and that the relationship helps support sustainable development in their communities.

The Roasting & Brewing

Once our coffee is in the US, we roast our beans to a medium roast to maximize their natural flavor and bring out those more subtle notes, and then cold brew them using our proprietary method for 12 hours. You might have tried cold brewing your coffee at home...and it can be a bit hit or miss. Not with our method. Our brewing method was developed over the last 50 years, it results in a refreshing, delicious, and full-bodied cold brew that tastes great black or mixed with milk.

The No Caf & Low Caf

For our No Caf and Low Caf coffees, we use the premier Swiss Water Method of decaffeination on a blend of the highest-quality Ethiopian and Peruvian beans to support our incredible decaf taste profile. The Swiss Water Method has revolutionized decaffeination in the last few years with its all-natural, non-chemical process. Unlike other decaf coffees, which use chemicals to strip out caffeine from coffee and leave a harsh and weak tasting result, the Swiss Water Method gently uses water to wash 99% of all the caffeine, resulting in a full-bodied coffee without the buzz or jitters. If it's not the best decaf coffee you've had, let us know.

The Extra Caf

For our Extra Caf, we still use 100% of our core single-origin Ethiopian bean medium roasted - unlike other highly caffeinated coffees, we maintain the highest quality standards with 100% Arabica beans. We don't mix in any of the highly-caffeinated but lower-quality Robusta beans. Instead, we use a specialty, organic, & all-natural caffeine extracted directly from the green (unroasted) coffee bean, and add it back in during the brewing process to give our Extra Caf that added boost of energy.

The Natural Flavor

You might notice that our No Caf, Low Caf, and Extra Caf all have 'natural flavor' in the ingredient statement. This refers to one ingredient we added during the brewing process: premium French Chicory. Chicory has long been a staple in coffee recipes, and is most commonly associated with “New Orleans-Style” or “NOLA” iced coffee. It's got a naturally sweet flavor that helps round out the coffee taste and add some nuanced notes that refine the flavor. Our founder Cason's family is from Louisiana, and since it's very commonly drunk with coffee there, it's a taste he always felt was 'right' for cold brew.