Explorer at Coffee Fest

Explorer at Coffee Fest

Our founder Cason took the stage at Coffee Fest on March 7th to chat all things Explorer Cold Brew and demonstrate how to make our two iconic Explorer staples: the Classic Cold Brew and the Signature Dream Time Vanilla Cold Brew. Check out some candid moments below of Cason doing what he does best and multi-tasking like a pro:

We came in at a whopping 5/5 on presentation. (Don't forget about our small but mighty new functional elixirs!) p.s. peep our Explorer x bodum double-walled glass beauties 

The judges are fierce but our cold brew is fiercer (we brew to impress)...

Don't sleep on our secret ingredient: our new melatonin-infused functional elixir! Cason adds a couple drops to our signature drink for the full dreamy effect. 

We are so proud to be a part of this fantastic competition celebrating independent specialty coffee businesses. We loved every minute of it. 

Check out the recipe for our Coffee Fest approved Signature Drink here & a special shout out to digital communications manager Lucy for crafting this signature recipe to perfection.


The Explorer Team

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