Meet Founder Cason Crane - The Explorer Who Started It All

Meet Founder Cason Crane - The Explorer Who Started It All

We are pretty sure there is nothing our fearless founder can’t achieve. Climb the Seven Summits? He’s been there, done that. Over a dozen marathons? Piece of cake. Start a successful business from the ground up during a pandemic? Well, here we are!

Cason graduated Princeton and went on to compete in, and achieve multiple prize winning finishes in numerous ultramarathons, obstacle course races, half a dozen IRONMAN races, along with over a dozen marathons, open-water swims, hikes, and more. But beyond that, Cason has endured week-long blizzards in the world’s highest peaks, saved teammates in high risk situations, as well as spent countless days in extreme environments, whether it be harsh open deserts in North America or the icy, unforgiving Antarctic. He’s a bit of a freak of nature!

Cason is first and foremost an Explorer. Cason’s enthusiasm for life - and for cold brew - is contagious. His encouragement and belief in his Explorer Team has inspired many of them to run a marathon themselves! At Explorer, Cason brings a big vision - not just in terms of elevating your at-home coffee experience, but also in terms of the impact on the world. Whether it’s through our efforts to reduce our footprint and provide the most sustainable coffee experience, or give back through our partnerships with charity: water and The Trevor Project, Cason is always trying to magnify his impact.

As an entrepreneur, Cason’s passion for cold brew, and for Explorer, is unparalleled. At Explorer, it is not only our cold brew that fuels us throughout the day, but the inner fuel that we now share, inspired by Cason’s spirit. The best part is that now all of us at Explorer are committed to reaching new heights, whether climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or enhancing the coffee world with the best cold brew in the world! 

Keep Exploring, 

The Explorer Team

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