Top 5 Pride Essentials

Top 5 Pride Essentials

Happy Pride, Explorers!

As an LGBTQ owned and operated business, we have deep ties to the LGBTQ+ community. Pride means a lot to us here at Explorer. During Pride Month, we'll be donating $1 of every order to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention amongst LGBTQ youth and teens. 

For Pride Month, we asked the Explorer team to share their Pride Essentials when it comes to all things coffee and tea!

#1 Barista Bundle for the Host & Hostess

Planning on celebrating Pride with friends at home? This Barista Bundle is the perfect way to impress (and caffeinate) your guests. Cold foam it up with our froth wand and jigger or make a simple, yet refined, vanilla iced latte with our Elixir and Reg Caf concentrate. The sexy sky blue tumbler is all yours! (Mike, Head of eCommerce & Growth)

#2 Travel Bundle for the Spontaneous Adventurers

Going anywhere special during Pride month? Don't forget to take this exclusive travel bundle with you. Mini 2 oz bottles galore await you! (Jackie, Marketing Manager)

#3 Self Care Bundle for TreatingYourself

You deserve to #treatyourself this month. Whatever that means for you, this self care bundle does not disappoint. Our CBD elixir is the perfect way to unwind this weekend! (Cason, Founder & CEO)

#4 Chai Starter Pack for Spicing It Up

Our chai starter pack is the perfect way to spice up your month (literally!) Change it up every morning, and start your day with a new Chai. You wake up on a rainy, sleepy Sunday? Treat yourself with our 100% decaf and delicious Sunset Chamomile Chai, and nap away the afternoon. Or if you're heading out to celebrate in the Pride Parade, kick off your morning with our Dirty Masala for the best of both chai & coffee worlds! (Lucy, Content Manager)

#5 Cold Brew Starter Pack for Kicking it Back

If you've been with us from the beginning, you know that our cold brew starter pack goes all the way back. There's no better way to celebrate Pride Month than by kicking back a couple of these mini bottles in honor of our founder, Cason, himself! (Ben, Head of Operations)

Happy Pride!


The Explorer Team 

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