What Is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew Concentrate

While many people think of cold brew as a particularly popular form of iced coffee beverage, it actually refers to the process that the coffee is brewed...and it’s pretty self explanatory. Rather than being brewed in hot water, cold brew is brewed only in cold water! (Fun fact...you can drink it hot too!)

In the last decade, cold brew has taken the coffee industry by storm, re-inventing our at-home coffee rituals, and revitalizing our favorite iced coffee beverages and the cafès that sell them. Cold brew is one of the most consumed beverages in the US right now - a top competitor with Diet Coke and water. The demand for cold brew - by Gen Z, millennials, and baby boomers alike - surges each year. In the upcoming summer months, we, at Explorer, are the first to predict a rise in cold brew demand higher than ever before!

So with cold brew, it’s really all about the process. To make it, coarsely ground beans are steeped in room temp to cold filtered water overnight or longer, depending on the preferred strength or concentration. This slow brewing process allows the beans to gradually infuse the water. As a result, the chemical compounds break down and oxidize much slower than in the traditional hot brew method. The slower extraction process - made possible by the cold water infusion - leaves behind the bitter, acidic notes that arise from exposing coffee grounds to boiling water. This process is what gives cold brew its signature flavor: uniquely smooth, sweet, delicious. At Explorer, we cold brew our beans through a proprietary process, so each and every brew is infused with its own secret magic. 

Our founder Cason Crane is the first to make cold brew in four different caffeine levels, and at a 1:4 concentrate - the strongest cold brew concentrate out there! Besides a classic cold brew iced coffee, you can make any unique or traditional coffee beverage with our cold brew super concentrate - lattes, cappuccinos, espresso martinis, even Dalgona Coffee! If you’re a cold brew enthusiast, as we are, or even if you’ve never heard of cold brew before, try our Swiss-Water processed specialty grade super concentrate. If you’re caffeine sensitive, try our Low Caf or No Caf concentrate. Or if you can never have enough caffeine, our Extra Caf may be the perfect fit for you. No matter how specific your coffee ritual or tastes, Explorer can accommodate your every cold brew - and caffeine - need!

Keep Exploring,

The Explorer Team

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