Who Are Our Tastemakers?

Who Are Our Tastemakers?

While we can’t reveal all the secrets of our proprietary brewing method, we can give you a sneak peak at our talented Tastemakers - the award-winning baristas behind the brew. These renowned coffee artists are constantly testing new flavors, alternative brew methods, and exploring uncharted coffee territory. 

Founder of Truth Coffee HQ, otherwise known as “the coolest cafe in the world” by The Guardian, David Donde puts the cool in cold brew. In all his unique coffee endeavors, Donde aims to “bring the joy of the extraordinary” to all who experience his coffee. Donde is a creative coffee genius and every aspect of Truth Coffee HQ is as original as he is. 

Founder of the first specialty coffee company in Beirut, Lebanon, and certified Q-Arabica grader, there is not much Dalia Jaffal has not accomplished. All it took was one bad cup of coffee for Jaffal to decide it was time to start roasting her own beans. Jaffal took risks in order to create her coffee business. She went from a steady job to pursuing an idea, one that many people disagreed with. Jaffal is a trailblazer in the coffee world - an Explorer through and through. Her zeal and determination to pursue her passion, and her unique brewing genius, inspire us everyday at Explorer. 

Mikael Jasin is the Olympian of the barista world. Two-time Indonesian World Barista champion, and founder of So So Good Coffee Company, Jasin’s passion for coffee is unparalleled. While Jasin likes to say, “I like to make my life difficult,” he makes it all look easy! We are pretty sure that there is nothing Jasin doesn’t know about coffee, and nothing that he can’t do. From brew temperature to Indonesian and Australian coffee culture, Jasin is an expert in his field, and an inspiration to us all at Explorer.

We hope reading about our fantastic Tastemakers has inspired you as much as they inspire us. 

Keep Exploring,

The Explorer Team

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