Your New Favorite Travel Buddy: Explorer Cold Brew Mini Carry-On Bottles

Your New Favorite Travel Buddy: Explorer Cold Brew Mini Carry-On Bottles


Have you ever been on an overnight flight and needed a morning and/or landing pick-me-up that reminds you of home? Have you been on a flight and wished that there was stronger, better quality, and most importantly, better tasting, coffee than that which is offered on most airlines?

Airplane and airport coffee options, especially for cold brew, are limited and often inconsistent. Not to mention, the lines for coffee in airports is always so long (we know from experience.) This is why our 2 oz carry-on bottles are perfect for bringing your trusty coffee ritual with you :) Not only can you have delicious, high quality coffee in the airport and on the airplane, but you can also count on having cold brew once you've arrived at your destination. Depending on where you're going, cold brew does not always come easy. In fact, it is not always accessible in all parts of the country, or in other countries.

Our 2 oz bottles make the perfect on-the-go coffee for traveling, as its 2 oz size is perfect for airplane travel, it’s shelf stable, and all you need to do is add 6-8 ounces of water, and you have a full cup of cold brew or hot coffee! And because of our 1:4 concentrate, a little goes a long way (no need to overstuff your carry-on). 

Since the early days of Explorer, our founder and CEO, Cason Crane, has been traveling with our 2 oz bottles around the country: from Miami to Dubai. Cason is an avid mountaineer, explorer, world traveler, as well as the first openly LGBT person to climb the Seven Summits. Suffice it to say, our product was made with explorations, adventures, and world travel in mind. 

Safe travels!

The Explorer Team

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