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Learn More About Explorer Cold Brew


Explorer was crafted by three award-winning, world-renowned Tastemakers. David Donde from Cape Town, South Africa, Dalia Jaffal from Beirut, Lebanon, and Mikael Jasin from Jakarta, Indonesia.


All our coffee beans are rigorously and carefully hand-picked. They're all specialty-grade in the top 3% of all coffee beans in the world.

Organic & Fair Trade

Our adventure fuel should be sustainably grown and sourced, so we only use organic & fair trade coffee in our concentrate.

Personalized to You

As a 1:4 concentrate, you can make Explorer any way you want, as strong or mild as you want. Plus, choose from 4 caffeine levels to get the right dose.

Recipes for your Room

Classic Iced Coffee

Glass of Ice
2oz Explorer
6-8oz Filtered Water

Explorer Gin Soda

Glass of Ice
1oz Explorer
1oz Hendrick's Gin
3oz Fever Tree Club Soda

Espresso Martini

Glass of Ice
2oz Explorer
2oz Grey Goose Vodka
1 Sugar Packet

A One-for-One Coffee with an Impact

Your coffee should do more than just fuel you. Make an impact with every sip! Learn more about Explorer's approach to giveback and sustainability.

Our Cause