Explorer & Delta Airlines: Taking Coffee to New Heights

Elevating the in-flight coffee experience since 2022.

How to Drink Explorer

Our cold brew concentrates are easy to use and make any coffee drink you can dream of.

Drink great coffee in seconds by simply mixing 2oz of Explorer with 6-8oz of water or milk with ice

Stir and enjoy.

Creative In-Flight Drinks

Cold Brew & Jack

1 Bottle of Explorer
1 Bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey
Mix & Enjoy

Bailey's Cold Brew

1 Bottle of Explorer
1 Bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream
Mix & Enjoy

Espresso Martini

1 Bottle of Explorer
1 oz of Vodka
2 Sugars
2 Creamers
Mix & Enjoy

Love, at 30,000 Feet

"Honestly a brilliant idea. You should pitch it to the airlines directly as something they provide during service."

Colin C.

"This is amazing! If I ever travel I have to get some of these."

Kimber S.

"Travel is exactly why I keep a box of the 2oz bottles ready to go!"

Kimberly P.