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Cold Brew Travel Size

This is the best cold brew I've ever had.
I love the fact that you can choose what caffeine level you want. Also you can make any drink you like. I literally can't wait to get up in the morning and start my day with Explorer Cold Brew!! Like seriously the best hands down!!!

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Heather I.
Cold Brew Revolution!

I just received my Ambassadors pack which contained 4 bottles of Explorer Cold Brew Classic Black with no caffeine, low caffeine, regular caffeine and extra caffeine.

Being the adventurous one, I chose the extra caffeine over ice and water . I didn’t anticipate how much of a jolt the extra caffeine would produce !!! Firstly, the taste is impeccable, I found myself drinking this rather quickly as to savoring each drink . With that said, I was VERY productive and focused for the morning . If you need an energy kick, this my friends is your next purchase.

Very glad to be on the Explorer team, I can’t wait to try more products as we go forward

Cold Brew Travel Size
Hendrika V
Easy to use, smooth flavor

The coffee concentrate can be used in different recipes but the easiest way is to make a nice cold coffee brew. I used the Classic Black Cold Brew Concentrate with regular caffeine. Pour the concentrate into a cup with ice, then pour 6-8 ounces of milk or water. I used almond milk. Then you can add liquid creamer, sweetener or syrup if you want to, mix and add any desired toppings. It is so easy to make and this cold brew coffee is so delicious! Such a nice smooth flavor and no bitter aftertaste. I highly recommend these concentrates and I can't wait to try the other varieties!

husband loves it

that says it all! flavor was rich, smooth, and enjoyable.

How much caffeine do you need?

Love the extra caf boost of energy. Delicious. Direct home delivery is brilliant. Small bottle format makes it easy to take on the go. Multiple caffeine levels allow me to enjoy any time of day. When my wife was pregnant she particularly enjoyed the low and no-caffeine options. 5 Stars.

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honestly surprised

avid coffee drinker and the Regular Caffeine is surprisingly good. It's got the classic qualities of washed Ethiopian, and the smoothness of cold brewed coffee. have tried it hot and cold - very good either way.


I love my cold brew but can't tolerate caffeine. Explorer's Decaf Cold Brew is the perfect solution--great taste without the caffeine!


i found myself craving this at all hours of the day. cold brew was perfect. nothing to change here honestly.

32oz Cold Brew
Jeanine Sweeney
Gorgeous and delicious

My 22 actually likes this so much he drinks it straight up each morning before classes. I love it frothed into chocolate protein drinks. It’s an iced mocha!

Cold Brew to go

Smooth and delicious

32oz Cold Brew
Anthony DeRubbio

32oz Cold Brew

32oz Cold Brew
Adair White

I enjoy Cold Brew very much

I love this cold brew

It tastes good, allows me to sleep and is so easy to use. Great on all fronts

32oz Cold Brew
Cold brew

Great taste, so easy, pleasant, fabulous!

Great coffee

Great tasting coffee! Will be ordering more once I run out.

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Coffee & Flavor Bundle
Chiarina Meron
Delicious and High Quality!

This cold brew concentrate can not be beat for taste and quality! As a coffee lover that had to go decaf it's daunting to find quality items that taste delicious. Explorer has not disappointed. The flavor syrup is just as delicious with the signature quality and real ingredients. You are a staple in our home now!

Great cold brew

This is the second time that I have sent a gift pack to our son as a surprise. He usually only drinks cold brews so i saw this on a segment on the Today show and decided to send it to him. He loved it so I sent it again. He loved it and enjoyed it once more. Great cold brew!

Love the cold brew!

Cold Brew Build a Box, 12-Pack, 2oz Bottles
Michael Yancey

Cold Brew Build a Box, 12-Pack, 2oz Bottles

32oz Cold Brew
shannon bayer
Best cold brew

This cold brew makes the best iced coffee. It is smooth with no strange aftertaste. I enjoy it every time I drink it. Better than any coffee house and safes you money. Worth every penny.

32oz Cold Brew
Julia Holliday

Big Bottle | 32oz | Makes 20 Cups

32oz Cold Brew
Jane Wilson
Best De Caf Ice Coffee Ever!

Explorer Brew does a great job with their brand of de caf ice coffee.

Cold brew concentrate

Makes the best espresso martini


Love the convenience, taste, caffeine level options and great customer service!