Valentine's Day Coffee Drinks: 3 Recipes You'll Love

We came up with some delicious and easy Valentine's Day inspired coffee and chai recipes that you can enjoy whether single or coupled up. Whether you celebrate the Hallmark holiday or not, these recipes are divine on all days (and nights) of the year. Serving size is for one, but you can always double for a partner, or triple for friends. Our cold brew martini is the ideal way to start off the night with your pal & galentines ;) 

Speaking of which... 


We riff on the traditional espresso martini recipe...Founder Cason shakes up his cold brew martini with a sweetened coffee liqueur to add depth and complexity. (He recommends Mr. Black, which uses premium beans from Ethiopia — just like we do!). Its sophisticated elegance makes it a perfect sultry indulgence to enjoy with a s/o or a dazzling warm-up cocktail for the pal and galentines! In the spirit of James Bond, we like our espresso martinis shaken, never stirred!


This boozy indulgence hits the spot, whether you're craving a yummy caffeine pick-me-up, a satisfying afterwork cocktail, or a creamy dessert. It's also perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day or night. 


This sexy twist on the beloved classic is a perfect celebratory beverage for V-day. Cozy up and enjoy this white chocolate mocha by the fire (or if you're living in a city like us...turn on some YouTube fireplace ambience) and turn up the heat in your apartment. Enjoy!


The Explorer Team

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