5 Pro Tips for Using Explorer

5 Pro Tips for Using Explorer

#1 DIY Measuring Cup & Upcycling Bottles

Whether you’re measuring 2 ounces of Explorer with 6 ounces of water to make a classic cold brew iced coffee, or adding Explorer to enhance a dessert recipe, our small 2 ounce bottles work perfectly as a liquid measuring cup. Along with recycling Explorer, you can upcycle both the 2 ounce and 32 ounce bottles. We love to upcycle the little bottles not only as measuring cups, but as seasoning shakers, and as for the bigger bottles - they make for the sweetest plant gardens.

#2 Make Ice Cubes (Or Popsicles) & Ice Cream Out Of It

Freezing Explorer will make it last longer, maintaining its delicious flavor for months afterwards. Additionally, our cold brew makes the best ice cubes for iced coffees, smoothies, and you can even make a delicious, super easy coffee ice cream by infusing it with our cold brew concentrate. If you don’t feel like making ice cream from scratch, simply add our cold brew concentrate to an existing pint of vanilla ice cream, and there you have it: your own artisanal coffee-infused ice cream!

#3 You Can Bake With It

Whenever a recipe calls for espresso, instant coffee, or any kind of coffee flavoring, know that you can substitute this for our cold brew concentrate. You can use Explorer to infuse any sauce, souffle, marinade, or baked good recipe. Because our cold brew is supremely concentrated (at a 1:4 ratio, it is the equivalent strength of espresso) there are endless ways you can experiment drinking, and baking with it.

#4 Drink It Hot Or Cold 

Just because it’s cold brewed does not mean you can’t drink it hot! Simply add hot water to dilute the concentrate instead of cold. Alternatively, if you’re making a hot latte or cappuccino, heat Explorer directly in the microwave - or over the stovetop - and add your steamed milk. Our cold brew is not only versatile, but it’s delicious in all seasons.  

#5 Craft Your Own Cold Foam 

Don’t get us wrong - our cold brew tastes delicious black, but if you’re in the mood to get a little crafty, try topping your next cold brew iced coffee with your own signature cold foam. Or try a hand at one of our many cold foam recipes: Iced Latte with Honey Oat Cold Foam or Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam 

Keep Exploring & Stay Creative, 

The Explorer Team 

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