5 Best Cold Brew Cocktails

5 Best Cold Brew Cocktails

#1 Classic Cold Brew Martini

We riff on the traditional espresso martini recipe using our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate! Founder Cason Crane shakes up his cold brew martini with a sweetened coffee liqueur to add depth and complexity. (He recommends Mr. Black, which uses premium beans from Ethiopia — just like we do!). In the spirit of James Bond, we like our espresso martinis shaken, never stirred!


#2 Cold Brew Negroni 

Enjoy our Negroni with a cold brew twist! Our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate pairs beautifully with vermouth, gin, and Campari to create a unique coffee twist on the classic Negroni.


#3 Explorer Libre 

The Explorer Libre is our go-to recipe for any and all festivities - it can spice up even the most mundane occasions. Its sophisticated blend of rum, cola, and cold brew is guaranteed to make your tastebuds dance, and of course, you too!


#4 Irish Cold Brew 

Indulge in our decadent Irish Cold Brew morning and night! Adjust the caffeine using our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate in any of the 4 caffeine levels. Double or triple the recipe to treat yourself, along with friends and family!


#5 Explorer Bourbon Fizz 

Our boozy bourbon cold brew - with a soda water sparkle - is the perfect afternoon cocktail. Make this cafè-level creation in 60 seconds or less, and we promise you’ll look (and feel) like a barista and bartender all in one!


The Explorer Team

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