Five Days of Function: FOCUS

Five Days of Function: FOCUS

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: the key to happiness is not just great coffee, it's great coffee enhanced with functional elixirs that boost your day in unexpected ways! In the coming days, I'll discuss each functional elixir a bit more, how to use it, and why I love them. Hope you find this helpful and enjoyable!


Meet Focus, A.K.A. The Brain Booster. I love this tincture for those days that are packed with meetings and presentations (basically, everyday!). In the morning, I add a few drops to my Reg Caf iced latte. Packed with Lion's Mane mushroom extract, this elixir provides the brain boosting activity I need to increase my productivity and maintain focus - all without a crash. 


Simple and all-natural ingredients:
Lion's Mane for improved cognition
L-Theanine to reduce stress and anxiety 
Chamomile for its positive effects on mood 

In short, Focus is a functional add-on designed to promote clarity.


I wish I had access to this tincture when I climbed Mount Everest!  All you need is 1ml to enhance any coffee drink. In a spin on the classic cold brew recipe, we pair our Extra Caf, Caramel flavor syrup, and Focus functional tincture to create a truly tasty and functional iced coffee.

Thanks for reading :) Next, I'll discuss Relax - our CBD infused functional tincture (possibly my fave of the 5) and debunk a few myths about CBD along the way. Till then...

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