Grads & Dads Gift Guide

Grads & Dads Gift Guide

With Graduations and Father's Day both coming up, save big and make all of the grads & dads in your life happy. Is your dad or grad hard to buy for? These gifts are perfect for any recent college grad anxious for the future, or any new grad heading off to college. They shouldn't have to settle for campus coffee, or worse, Starbucks :) As for the dads, we have the perfect accessories for the coffee-lovers, the road-trippers, and the #chillchaidads.  

Carry-On Cold Brew Bundle for the Road Warrior Dad

Dads love carry-on cold brew. It’s a fact. If your dad is a big traveler, road tripper, or a fan of a quick shot of cold brew anywhere, anytime, this bundle is for him. Our Carry-On Cold Brew Bundle includes a 12 pack of our 2 oz bottles, ready-to-go for any adventure. In this bundle, you’ll also get the sleek and sturdy matte black Miir tumbler, and a refined vegan leather carrier case. Not only will the road warrior dads enjoy their cup of cold brew on the go, but they’ll drink and brew in style! 

Classic Cold Brew & Elixir Bundle for the Old School Dad  

This bundle is as classic as it gets. You get your cold brew and sweetener of choice for a great price! This bundle is perfect for the old school dads whose coffee go-to is a quick and easy delicious cup of joe! 

Barista Bundle for the Off-to-College Grads

By the time your high schooler is off to college, they might have gotten used to a nice homemade cup of coffee or their go-to Starbucks pick-me-up. Now is the time that you’ll have to break the news to them: dining hall coffee can be moderately terrible, and Starbucks may not be a super convenient trip when they're in need of a late night caffeine rescue. As a parent, you can provide them with a sweet solution and rest assured that your kid is drinking the best of the best. Our Barista Bundle includes a 32 ounce bottle of your caffeine of choice, an Elixir of choice, and three beautiful coffee accessories: a sky blue or petal pink tumbler (perfect for coffee in class), electric frother wand, and a frothing pitcher. 

Self Care Bundle for the Anxious College Grad

We all know college graduation can bring a mix–no, a tornado–of emotions. Just talk to one of our recently graduated interns! Let’s say your college grad is a coffee drinker, but the unknown future of post-grad life and caffeine don’t mix well, this bundle is for them. It pairs delicious decaf coffee with our Relax Elixir (or an elixir of your choosing) for a delicious, non-anxious cup of coffee!


Chai Starter Pack for the Tea-Loving Grads 

In this day and age, not all grads are coffee-drinkers...but a creamy iced Chai latte? That's a different story. This bundle lets you try each of our four chai concentrates: Dirty Masala, Classic Masala, Sunset Chamomile, Golden Turmeric. Now your grads can bring their favorite teas, and make their favorite tea lattes, in the comfort of their own dorms! 

Cold Brew Starter Pack for the On-the-Go Grads

Post college graduation is a stressful time...a time full of interviews, train rides, and all kinds of lightning speed transitions. Recent grads are often in a rush, so there's really no better gift than this on-the-go cold brew starter pack. They can make their morning cup of joe on-the-go, and not run the risk of being late. This gift allows the on-the-go grad enough time to have their coffee and drink it too.

Big Chai Bundle for the Big Chill Dads

Our big chai bundle is perfect for the tea-drinking dads, the chill dads, the non-coffee's a duo of the Chais of your choice. If your chill dad is a caffeine fan, we recommend going with our Dirty Masala & Classic Masala combo. If he's a chill decaf dad, we recommend going with our Sunset Chamomile Chai and Golden Turmeric Chai. 

Cold Brew Duo for the Indecisive Dads 

This cold brew duo lets your indecisive dad have the best of both worlds. Mix it up with a No Caf and a Reg Caf, or if you're feeling wild, gift your dad an Extra Caf and No Caf duo. This cold brew duo gives the indecisive dads the perfect amount of choice without overwhelming them. 

Happy Father's Day & a huge congrats to the recent Grads! 

Wishing you all the best,

The Explorer Team

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