Cold Brew Concentrate & Flavor Elixir Bundle, Makes 20 Cups

Extra Caf / Madagascar Vanilla
Extra Caf / Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
Extra Caf / Roasted Turkish Hazelnut
Extra Caf / Crushed Candy Cane
Extra Caf / Madagascar Vanilla & Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
Extra Caf / None (No Elixir add-on)
Reg Caf / Madagascar Vanilla
Reg Caf / Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
Reg Caf / Roasted Turkish Hazelnut
Reg Caf / Crushed Candy Cane
Reg Caf / Madagascar Vanilla & Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
Reg Caf / None (No Elixir add-on)
Low Caf / Madagascar Vanilla
Low Caf / Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
Low Caf / Roasted Turkish Hazelnut
Low Caf / Crushed Candy Cane
Low Caf / Madagascar Vanilla & Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
Low Caf / None (No Elixir add-on)
No Caf / Madagascar Vanilla
No Caf / Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
No Caf / Roasted Turkish Hazelnut
No Caf / Crushed Candy Cane
No Caf / Madagascar Vanilla & Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
No Caf / None (No Elixir add-on)
Makes 20 cups of cold brew / 30 servings of Elixir
Choose the caffeine level of your Big Bottle of Cold Brew. Bundle with our Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel or Madagascar Vanilla elixirs (or go big and add both elixirs to the bundle!)
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Fair trade

Barista crafted


Specialty-Grade Coffee

Introducing the best way to make premium coffee drinks in the comfort of your own home. Choose the caffeine level of your Big Bottle of Cold Brew. Bundle with our Himalayan Sea Salt CaramelMadagascar Vanilla, or Crushed Candy Cane elixirs and save big!  

About the Elixirs:
Elevate your coffee experience with Explorer Elixirs. Our Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel, Madagascar Vanilla, and Crushed Candy Cane flavor syrups are made with premium all-natural ingredients. Well-rounded and pairs perfectly with any caffeine level of Explorer Cold Brew.

Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel: what's better than a buttery square of caramel? A sprinkle of sea salt! Add a lot of a little - you control the sweetness and the taste. 

Madagascar Vanilla: using the most sought after vanilla in the world, this elixir is pure and aromatic 

Crushed Candy Cane: Balancing bright peppermint flavors with soft candy sweetness, this limited batch Elixir is sure to become a holiday favorite.

Roasted Turkish Hazelnut: nutty, warm, and buttery notes compliment any of our cold brew caffeine levels

About the Cold Brew:
Control your caffeine with our convenient cold brew concentrates. Explorer is the only coffee concentrate available in 4 caffeine levels so you can make the coffee that suits your needs. Crafted by 3-award winning Tastemakers, Explorer's 4 caffeine levels are all made from organic, fair-trade and specialty grade coffee beans. And it's super concentrated - 10x stronger than a regular coffee - so you can make it anyway you want. 

The Big Bottle is 32oz of delicious cold brewed and super concentrated coffee. As a 1:4 concentrate, that makes 20 big 8oz glasses of cold brew. 

What you get:

  • One 32oz bottle of Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate
  • One (or two) 12.7 oz bottle(s) of Explorer Elixirs
  • Makes 20 gourmet coffees, on-the-go or at home
  • Shelf life of 9 months (Cold Brew) and 12 months (Elixirs)

Caffeine levels (per oz):

  • No Caf: Swiss Water* Decaf (0-2mg)
  • Low Caf: Swiss Water Half-Caf (50mg)
  • Reg Caf: Single Origin Arabica (100mg)
  • Extra Caf: Single Origin Arabica with organic caffeine from green coffee (150mg) 

How to use:

  • Pour 1-2oz of Explorer into a glass
  • Add 6-8oz of cold or hot water or milk 
  • Drop 1-2 tablespoons of Elixir
  • Stir and enjoy!

100% Happiness Guaranteed. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund you. No questions asked. 


Ingredient Story
Nutrition Info
Ethiopia, Peru
Smooth & Bold
Caffeine Level (per oz)
No Caffeine (0-2mg), Low Caffeine (50mg), Regular Caffeine (100mg), Extra Caffeine (150mg)
Inspired by many trips around the world, these premium flavor syrups are designed to elevate the Explorer coffee experience.

Elixir / Cold Brew Concentrate

Calories: 30 / 0

Total fat: 0g (0%) / 0 (0%)

Saturated fat: 0g (0%) / 0 (0%)

Trans fat: 0g (0%) / 0 (0%)

Cholesterol: 0mg (0%) / 0 (0%)

Sodium: 0mg (0%) / 0 (0%)

Total carbohydrate: 8g (3%) / 0 (0%)

Total sugars: 7g Includes 7g added sugars (14%) / 0 (0%)

Protein: 0g (0%) / 0 (0%)

% Daily Value

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Sylvia Eckert

Great taste! A little high in cost.

Bernadette Frenz
best iced decaf ever

Simply put, that's the truth. The ease of use, and most importantly, the flavor of this coffee is what makes me want to keep getting more. It's smooth, rich and delicious. I do wish it were less expensive, definitely, but I know it's a premium product!

Benjamin Monlezun
Wonderful taste - wonderful value

Most premade coffee products taste stale or burned and favoring syrups just taste of sugar. Explorer products are the opposite of both. The coffee is a lovely flavor - when I mix with a little cream and a teaspoon of their vanilla syrup I get a chocolate milkshake flavor I can drink all summer. I even use the syrup for other cooking because their flavor is so much more vibrant than a simple syrup or a spoonful of sugar. OH! And the cost, for my drink, ends up around $1.5 a cup. That is 3x cheaper than even drip coffees at cafes now-a-days.


The Explorer Coffee & Elixir Bundle

Scott Fuller

The Explorer Coffee & Elixir Bundle