Top 3 Vermouths to Experiment with When Crafting Your Next Coffee Cocktail

Top 3 Vermouths to Experiment with When Crafting Your Next Coffee Cocktail

If you’re a cocktail connoisseur, a vermouth expert, or just beginning your journey into the art of mixology, these vermouths will not let you down. We have tested each of these fabulous vermouths in our cold brew cocktail recipes, and we assure you, they are the best of the best. Whether you’re a stickler for a classic dry vermouth or you’re in the mood for a red vermouth, we have the one for you. Each one of these vermouths will make your coffee cocktail dreams come true. Check out our Cold Brew Negroni Recipe and Espresso Martini Recipe here, and stay tuned for more coffee cocktail recipes coming soon!

#1 Dolin Dry

This French vermouth is as classic as it gets. While you may remember Dolin Dry from James Bond’s Dry Martini, its history goes back even further. Shortly after its birth in the 1820s, it became a staple of peak café culture in Paris. Not only does Dolin Dry have a rich history, it also maintains a degree of mystery, as the secret recipe has yet to be revealed to the public. You cannot go wrong with this iconic vermouth. 

#2 Uncouth Vermouth 

While Uncouth Vermouth is a much younger vermouth, we trust it will stand the test of time. Its depth of flavor and the personal care to which it is crafted is unique among other liquor brands. Bianca Miraglia is the creative genius behind this artisanal vermouth. Miraglia crafts each batch of vermouth in her farm in Upstate New York. She uses the highest quality wines, mugwort - which she sources locally - and home-grown herbs. There is no limit to Miraglia’s creativity when it comes to crafting vermouth - butternut squash, beets, even apple mints infuse select batches, and Miraglia does not stop there!

#3 Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino 

Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino was originally - and continues to be - crafted from Giulio Cocchi’s authentic Italian recipe. Artemisia and citrus define this historical vermouth, while noble and balsamic woods infuse it with warm, amber qualities. The dark cacao and fiery orange notes pair magically with the chicory chocolate notes in our decaf and low caf cold brew. The powerful flavor profiles of our cold brew concentrate and this divine vermouth do not compete - they instead highlight each other’s key attributes.


The Explorer Team 

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