Why You Should Make Espresso Martinis With Cold Brew Concentrate

Why You Should Make Espresso Martinis With Cold Brew Concentrate

Cheers, Explorers - it’s time for a coffee break and a happy hour! As one of our very first recipes, the cold brew martini is a beloved classic here at Explorer. Once you make the switch from espresso martini to cold brew martini, there is no going back. As huge espresso martini fans here at Explorer, we equally endorse *and adore* this cold brew twist on the cocktail classic!

#1 It’s Delicious and Never Sour 

The robust cold brew flavor adds a signature coffee kick without overpowering the other elements of this classic martini recipe. There is no bitter espresso flavor. Not to mention, our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate pairs beautifully with Mr. Black Cold Brew liquor. When using cold brew concentrate, you don’t have to worry about hot espresso melting the ice, diluting the cocktail, and consequently affecting the flavor of your drink. 

#2 Convenient and No Mess

If you want to make espresso martinis, but don’t have the machinery or the time to make espresso from scratch - it’s as easy as pulling an Explorer bottle out of the fridge and you’re good to go! No one will ever know. In fact - we promise you’ll have people wanting to know your secret ingredient! As a 1:4 concentration, our cold brew concentrate is the equivalent strength of espresso, so it makes the perfect substitute while simultaneously putting a modern spin on the cocktail classic! 

#3 It’s Always The Right Temperature 

When using cold brew concentrate to make the traditional espresso martini, the beverage will maintain its cool temperature. You don’t have to worry about hot espresso muddling the refreshing chill of the martini. When using hot espresso, there is a chance the heat will affect the other elements of the cocktail - such as the vodka and cold brew liquor. Our cold brew concentrate will guarantee a consistent espresso martini process and flavor profile every time.

#4 It Doesn’t Require Machinery 

When using our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate as an espresso substitute, you don’t have to buy any expensive espresso machinery. In fact, there is 0 machinery required when making an espresso martini with our cold brew concentrate. All you need are two hands and some simple ingredients. 

#5 You Can Choose Your Caffeine Level 

If you love the taste of espresso martinis, but don’t want to be up too late, you can make an espresso martini using any of our four caffeine levels. You won’t have to sacrifice sleep to have your favorite cocktail at night - simply use our decaf or low caf cold brew concentrate and you’re set for a restful night and a delicious cocktail experience. 

Check out our Cold Brew Martini Recipe here


The Explorer Team 

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