5 Reasons Why Cold Brew and Coffee Make the Perfect Back-to-School Gifts for Students

5 Reasons Why Cold Brew and Coffee Make the Perfect Back-to-School Gifts for Students


Looking for the ideal gift for a student going back to school? Discover the top 5 reasons why Explorer cold brew (and chai and elixirs!) are excellent choices. Boost their energy, focus, and mood with Explorer's suite of coffee & tea products. 

1. Fuel for Long Study Sessions: Cold brew and coffee provide the caffeine kick students need to power through those late-night study sessions. The rich and bold flavors of our premium coffee blends offer sustained energy, helping students stay awake, alert, and focused on their coursework. Explorer is the only coffee company that lets you choose your caffeine level. Whether it's our Maverick Extra Caf with 300mg of caffeine for finals time, or our Daydreamer Decaf cold brew for early evening reading session, we have everyone covered. 

OUR PICK: 32oz Cold Brew Concentrate
Choose your caffeine level and enjoy 20 cups of premium, organic and fair-trade coffee.

Pro Tip: make it a multi-pack and save 15-25%! 

32oz cold brew choose your caffeine


2. Convenient On-the-Go Option: Heading from one class to another? Explorer offers convenient 2oz bottles that store easily in any backpack or bag for students with busy schedules. They can enjoy their favorite beverage anywhere, whether it's a lecture hall or library.

OUR PICK: Cold Brew Travel 12-Pack

Pro Tip: add a convenient travel clutch to neatly hold your 2oz bottles


3. Enhance Mood and Productivity: Research shows that moderate caffeine intake can positively impact mood and cognitive functions. By gifting cold brew and coffee (and our functional elixirs!) you're giving students a delicious way to boost their productivity and maintain a positive mindset throughout the school day.

OUR PICK: Cold Brew Wellness Bundle
Choose your cold brew + a functional elixir to enhance focus, relaxation, immunization or sleep! 

4. Versatile and Customizable Choices: With our wide range of cold brew caffeine levels and flavor elixirs, you can tailor your gift to suit the student's preferences. Whether they enjoy a half-caf vanilla latte or a classic caramel cold brew, Explorer has options that cater to every taste.

OUR PICK: Cold Brew & Flavor Bundle
Choose your cold brew + a premium & all natural flavor elixir and elevate their day. 

5. Affordable Indulgence: College life often means tight budgets, making a gift of cold brew all the more valuable. Plus, Explorer is a concentrate so you get up to 20 cups with every 32oz bottle! Much more economical than hitting the coffee shop everyday. Treat your favorite student to a luxurious and affordable indulgence that they might not splurge on themselves, showing them you care about their well-being.

OUR PICKS: 32oz Cold Brew and 32oz Chai (choose from our Classic Honey Chai or our Dirty Chai which includes a touch of Explorer's organic cold brew!)

When it comes to thoughtful back-to-school gifts, cold brew and coffee from [Coffee Company Name] are a surefire way to make a student's academic journey more enjoyable and successful. Order now and make their return to school extra special!


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