The 5 Best Holiday Coffee Recipes

The 5 Best Holiday Coffee Recipes

Happy Holidays, Explorers! I don't know about you all, but here at Explorer HQ, we love getting into the holiday of course we HAD to create a special round-up of particularly festive holiday coffee beverages! We had the best time making (and drinking!) these delicious, festive and *easy* holiday coffee recipes, and we are very excited for you all to try them out. Make them for the fam! Your friends! Or treat yourself ❤️

 #1 White Chocolate Mocha

This white mocha is indulgent and dreamy, silky and smooth. It is the perfect coffee bev to make on a nice snowy day or a sunny holiday morning...and it only takes a minute to prepare! 

#2 Explorer Decaf Caramel Holiday Hot Cocoa 

Our decaf caramel holiday hot cocoa is an exciting twist on a holiday classic, a spin on a childhood favorite. Of course you can swap out the decaf for your caffeine level of choice :) 

#3 Creamy Maple Vanilla Iced Latte

This creamy spin on our classic cold brew iced latte truly takes the cake. It's pretty amazing what a little bit of our Madagascar Vanilla Elixir (+ a splash of your favorite maple syrup) can do to spice things up!

#4 Iced Candy Cane Latte

'Nuff said. This iced candy cane latte truly embodies the holiday season for us. It's refreshing, it's delicious, and it tastes like Christmas!

#5 Classic Cold Brew Martini

Our cold brew martini is a holiday classic, and it's as satisfying and delicious as it looks. Plus, while it is (and looks!) barista-bartender-quality, it only takes a couple of minutes to prep! 

Have a lovely holiday season❤️


The Explorer Team

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