Drinks That Have All The Brunch Vibes

Drinks That Have All The Brunch Vibes

Brunching this weekend? Elevate your day with these delicious cold brew and chai drinks!

#1 Cold Brew Martini for the Sophisticated Brunch

Let’s say you and your friends are sick of mimosas (it’s bound to happen!), why not treat yourself with this cold brew martini? A trendy spin on the classic, it’s a great go-to for the sophisticated brunch.


#2 Decaf Cold Brew Martini for the Mellow Brunch

An updated twist on our classic recipe. Simply use Explorer's Daydreamer cold brew concentrate This 99.9% caffeine-free cold brew is one-of-a-kind and uses the premium Swiss Water Method of decaffeination (no chemicals) so you get no harsh aftertaste and a smooth drink. All java, no jitters. 


#3 Caramel Cold Brew for the Brunch with Flavor

When you need to elevate your brunch just a bit more with barista-quality drinks at home, in seconds, this is our go-to. The Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel flavor elixir adds just enough sweet (and savory) to make you want to come back for more. 

#4 Dirty Chai Latte for the Cozy Brunch

This satiating, aromatic chai is perfect for that cozy brunch with close friends or family.

#5 Classic Cold Brew for the Chill Brunch

Our flagship Classic Cold Brew, mixed with water, over ice (with a splash of milk) is perfection. 

#6 Hot Americano for the Warm Vibes Brunch

No espresso machinery needed for the is classic coffee drink. Just a shot or two of explorer with hot water. Add a stick of cinnamon for extra warm vibes.

#7 Vanilla Bourbon Cold Brew for the Old School Brunch

Yes, bourbon at brunch is a thing. Especially when it's paired with Explorer Cold Brew and aromatics like our Madagascar Vanilla flavor elixir. This drink is set to impress any and all. 

We think you'll love all of these recipes, but let us know which is your favorite! 

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