5 Best Coffee Dessert Recipes

5 Best Coffee Dessert Recipes

It’s time to #TreatYourself with these coffee-inspired decadent desserts. From the classic affogato with a twist to our one of a kind mudslide, these cold brew infused desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth, and all your caffeine cravings!

#1 Cold Brew Affogato 

Our cold brew twist on this classic coffee dessert is exceptionally simple and even more delicious. Double or triple the recipe to make it for friends, for family, or just to have extras left over - take it from us, the more Explorer Cold Brew Affogatos, the better!

#2 Mocha Chip Banana Bread

This mocha chip banana bread is to LIVE for. Our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate highlights the chocolate notes and adds a vibrant splash to this beloved chocolate banana loaf. It is a crowd pleaser through and through. Don’t expect to have any leftovers! 

#3 Cold Brew Cookie Milkshake

Inspired by Wunderkeks’ joyous childlike spirit, we are embracing our inner child with this cold brew cookie milkshake! You can make this for kids using our No Caf cold brew concentrate; however, we can promise you...the kids will not be the only ones lapping up this milkshake!

#4 Nutella Crunch Exploracchino 

This blended coffee dessert taps into the nostalgia of the “frappuccino” generation — fusing our signature Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate with Nutella, cacao nibs, and agave. Just in time for summer, this nostalgic java chip-inspired frozen treat is ideal for kids and adults alike. With our recipe, you’ll be able to make a barista-quality drink in no time at all. 

#5 Cold Brew Mudslide

Our Explorer Mudslide is the perfect blend of sweet and creamy, but with a boozy cold brew kick! It tastes as delicious as it looks, and it only takes two minutes to prepare and serve.

Keep Exploring, 

The Explorer Team 

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