5 Easy Iced Coffee Drink Recipes to Make This Summer

5 Easy Iced Coffee Drink Recipes to Make This Summer

Forget about #HotGirlSummer and get ready for #ColdBrewSummer. Here at Explorer, we have challenged ourselves to come up with the top five best iced coffee recipes for this summer! We are thrilled to share our results. Each one can be made in two minutes (or less!) with our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate. We’ve crafted and tested these recipes to perfection, so that each one is as refreshing, aesthetically pleasing, *easy* and delicious as the last. 


#1 Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam 

Impress your friends, and treat yourself, with our classic cold brew iced coffee and vanilla sweet cream cold foam. Enjoy the perfect balance of robust cold brew flavor and decadent vanilla sweet cream. This café-level creation will make you look and feel like a barista. Turn your kitchen into a specialty coffee shop, and enjoy this delicious cold brew with a twist. This recipe makes two cold brews worth of cold foam, so grab a buddy or save some for later! Click here for our recipe video!

#2 Honey Oat Iced Latte

Jazz up your usual iced latte game with a honey and oat milk cold foam that pairs fabulously with our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate. With just three ingredients, you can create a café-quality drink that changes your morning routine forever. Just mix your concentrate with oat milk, froth the honey oat foam, pour, and serve! It’s that easy. Click here for our recipe video!


#3 Classic Cold Brew Martini 

We riff on the traditional espresso martini recipe using our Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate! Founder Cason Crane shakes up his cold brew martini with a sweetened coffee liqueur to add depth and complexity. (He recommends Mr. Black, which uses premium beans from Ethiopia — just like we do!). In the spirit of James Bond, we like our espresso martinis shaken, never stirred! Click Here for Recipe

#4 Almond Banana Buzz 

We put a tasty twist on the classic almond banana smoothie with our signature Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate. Our Almond Banana Buzz is the perfect way to begin your day, or treat yourself in the afternoon. The rich nutritious blend of almond butter and banana will leave you feeling satisfied, and our cold brew concentrate will give you that extra flavor kick, and energy boost (depending on which caffeine level you choose). Founder Cason Crane, and his fiance Fran, enjoy this cold brew smoothie on a daily basis. Our secret to the perfect consistency? Almond milk ice cubes. Enjoy our Almond Banana Buzz at home or on the go! Click Here for Recipe

#5 Nutella Crunch Exploracchino 

This blended coffee dessert taps into the nostalgia of the “frappuccino” generation — fusing our signature Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate with Nutella, cacao nibs, and agave. Just in time for summer, this nostalgic java chip-inspired frozen treat is ideal for kids and adults alike. With our recipe, you’ll be able to make a barista-quality drink in no time at all. Click Here for Recipe

Happy #ColdBrewSummer!

The Explorer Team

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