10 Father's Day Brunch Recipes for the Coffee Dads

10 Father's Day Brunch Recipes for the Coffee Dads

Happy Father's Day, Explorers!

Whether you're celebrating your biological dad, your grand-dad, dad-in-law, or a nonbiological father figure in your life, these recipes are guaranteed to do the trick, and make your Father’s Day brunch a success! While hosting a Father’s Day brunch can take work, we can all agree it’s time well spent. Make the dads in your life feel extra special today with these personalized recipes!

#1 Cold Brew Martini for the Sophisticated Dad

Let’s say you and your friends are sick of mimosas (it’s bound to happen!), why not treat yourself and the dads with this cold brew martini? A trendy spin on the classic, it’s a great go-to for the sophisticated dads who like their martinis shaken not stirred. 

#2 Explorer Affogato for Your Favorite Grandpa 

This one is a classic through and through. Sweet and balanced, it makes a perfect brunch treat for your favorite grandpa ;). C'mon, there's always a favorite.

#3 Ready to Go [Climb Mt. Everest] Caramel Cold Brew for the Outdoorsy Dads

This is for the go-go-go dads, the road trip dads, the campers, the cyclists, the ready to climb Mt. Everest dads! If you're not sure if your dad fits the memo for this recipe, ask yourself this: does he own a pair of closed-toe waterproof sandals?

#4 Sunset Chamomile Chai Latte for the Cozy Grand-dad 

This satiating, aromatic chai is perfect for the cozy grand-dad, the grand-dad who loves to tell stories, who always sits in the same rocking chair. This grand-dad may even own a pipe or smoke a cigar from time to time. You know who you are!

#5 Explorer Cold Brew Float for the Nostalgic, Retro Dad

This cold brew take on the ice cream float is a winner for the dads who reminisce on the childhood days when they’d hit up the local diner for a rootbeer float and a mediocre cup of Joe.


#6 Iced Sparkling Cold Brew for the Dads with the Puns

On Father’s Day, we let the dads make all the dad jokes they want…right? Okay, maybe not. But anyway, this sparkling cold brew is the perfect fit for the class clowns, the dads with the puns, who regurgitate dad jokes like it’s their job! 


#7 Vanilla Bourbon Cold Brew for the Old School Dad 

Old school dads, this one’s for you. You love your bourbon off the rocks, and we salute you for it! Booze up your brunch with this sweet but not-too-sweet twist on the classic cocktail. 

#8 Almond Banana Buzz for the Health-Conscious Dad 

Let’s give it up for the gym dads, the on-the-go protein shake dads with a purpose! This nutritious smoothie is the perfect brunch beverage for the DILFS, the health conscious, the smoothie-lovers...

#9 Cold Brew Frappe for the Chill Paps 

The cold brew frappe is a winner for the chill dads who love to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice icy treat on a summer’s afternoon. Chill papas, cheers to you! And enjoy. 

#10 Iced Cold Brew Cortado for the Coffee Kings 

Listen, Coffee Kings, we appreciate you. You are the original coffee dads, the morning cup of Joe dads, and yeah, we get it, you make your espresso from scratch, and you're not afraid to show it. This Father’s Day we want to make life a little easier for you, so make your classic cortado with our cold brew concentrate instead! You're welcome. 

Happy Father's Day!

With love,

The Explorer Team 

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