Finally, Great Coffee at 38,000 Feet

Upgrade your in-flight coffee with our organic & fair-trade cold brew concentrate

✈️ TSA-friendly
📣 Featured in NYT, Bon Appétit, Refinery29 and more
☕️ Choose from 4 caffeine levels
🍸 Make an espresso martini in seconds
💯 100% happiness guaranteed

How to Use Explorer In-Flight

Our cold brew concentrates are easy to use. Simply mix 2oz of Explorer with 6-8oz of water or milk with ice for a classic iced coffee or latte.

Stir and enjoy.

Creative In-Flight Drinks

Cold Brew & Jack

1 Bottle of Explorer
1 Bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey
Mix & Enjoy

Bailey's Cold Brew

1 Bottle of Explorer
1 Bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream
Mix & Enjoy

Espresso Martini

1 Bottle of Explorer
1 oz of Vodka
2 Sugars
2 Creamers
Mix & Enjoy

Love, at 30,000 Feet

"Honestly a brilliant idea. You should pitch it to the airlines directly as something they provide during service."

Colin C.

"This is amazing! If I ever travel I have to get some of these."

Kimber S.

"Travel is exactly why I keep a box of the 2oz bottles ready to go!"

Kimberly P.