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Receive one box of 12 cold brews every 14 days.



Receive one box of 12 cold brews every 30 days.



Receive one box of 12 cold brews every 90 days.

Very smooth taste, nice boost too - not the edge that you usually get. Awesome for an afternoon pick-me-up. Haven't tried all the caf levels yet, curious to though.
Avid coffee drinker and the Regular Caffeine is surprisingly good. It's got the classic qualities of washed Ethiopian, and the smoothness of cold brewed coffee. Though I'm still mostly a hot coffee drinker, I've added this into my daily regimen to spice things up. Very refreshing.
SO SMOOTH - very different from iced coffee. Doesn't upset my stomach like iced coffee usually does.
I love coffee. But how and why it has become a standardized and commoditized drink akin to Coca-Cola overlooks the beauty of it. Finally, Explorer has fixed that. It's the first company I have come across that brings the intricacies, nuances, and beauty of the bean directly to me. 
Delicious. Direct home delivery is brilliant. Small bottle format makes it easy to take on the go. Multiple caffeine levels allow me to enjoy any time of day. When my wife was pregnant she particularly enjoyed the low and no-caffeine options. 5 Stars.
Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I've struggled to find a way to quench my cold brew addiction (and also limit my caffeine intake!). Until Explorer! SO HAPPY to have found it, and honestly relieved that it tastes so good. It's a lot better than the decaf coffee I was drinking. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!